Explaining the key points of AS1428.1-2009 and the 2010 amendment and how it relates to Caredesign's Carekit range


With this letter we intend to provide you with further information in regards to the updated accessible requirements for the WC, AS1428.1-2009 and the 2010 amendment, and how Caredesign’s Carekit™ range can assist you to deliver a “deemed to satisfy” provision against the standard.

Advice from respected Access Consultants throughout Australia indicate that the Caredesign Carekit™ range is deemed to satisfy these updated requirements.

We draw your attention to the following critical changes to the AS1428.1-2009:

  • inclusion of a backrest on accessible toilets and 
  • requirement for the toilet seat to have a minimum luminance contrast of 30% with the background

In relation to the backrest requirement, our Carekits™ include an Enware-IFO increased height WC which, due to its unique design, has an integrated cistern that has been tested to 110Kg lateral weight in either direction. Therefore replacing the requirement for a separate independent backrest and hence providing an acknowledged deemed to satisfy solution.

Back rest angle 95° to 100°: Image 1 below shows the requirement for the backrest to have an angle of 95° to 100° as well as height of pan including the seat. The Enware-IFO 6861S & Enware-IFO 6872P increased height WC meet both of these requirements (see image 2)

Image 1 (source: AS1428)

Cistern as back rest:
The Enware-IFO increased height WC have been tested to the AS1428.1-2009 requirements of 1100N (110Kgs) lateral weight. Normally a WC cistern is only pressure tested to 11 kg but the back rest pressure test calls for 110 kg, which our system complies with at all angles.

Height 460-480mm:
The Enware-IFO increased height WC with a Pressalit Dania seat meet the height requirements of the AS1428.1-2009 (and the 2010 amendment)

Back rest set location:
The air gap below the back rest to the pan has no meaning and if the pan is fitted with a toilet seat lid which will be raised at some point the air gap will no longer be present. Therefore the cistern provides the minimum requirement of a backrest of 150-200mm.

Shower commode chair assessment:
We have conducted an assessment of the shower commode chairs available in Australia and found that more than 90% of Australia’s commode chairs will fit over the Enware-IFO WC.

Side transfer test:
The committee of AS 1428.1:2009 requested Enware to carry out a side transfer test with an A90 wheel chair to determine if the cistern/back rest was an obstruction during a side transfer (“A90 wheel chair side transfer test on 6861 v3” pdf). The A90 is the largest wheel chair available.
From the test we can conclude that the cistern/back rest sits in a straight line with the A90 wheel chair back rest and actually provides a safer and more secure transfer.

Blue Dania Seat
The Enware-IFO increased height WC in the Carekit is supplied with the Pressalit Dania disabled toilet seat in blue, to satisfy the 30% luminance contrast with the background.


Image 2 (Enware-IFO increased height WC)

Basin and Tapware:
Within the range of Carekits available, the combination of wash basin and tapware offered, have been assessed and comply with the AS1428.1-2009 requirements. Specifically, the measurement of the front of the basin to any operable part of the tap.
All Enware Tapware is Watermarked and WELS rated.

The Carekit grabrails provided are deemed to satisfy with the requirements of the AS1428.1-2009 if installed as per the provisions of the standard.

It is our recommendation that the deemed to satisfy solutions provided by Caredesign may require independent assessment from an accredited access consultant relevant to your installation needs.

Kind regards,
Sandor Franken
Business Development Manager Caredesign
Caredesign Division