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Adjustable Height Mechanisms

Caredesign is proud to offer Pressalit Care's height-adjustable lifting units that enable you to create an optimal and ergonomically correct working environment in small as well as large areas.

Thanks to a well-conceived design, worktops and wall cupboards can be height-adjusted to cater for varying physical abilities. In the height-adjustable working environment, standing and seated users, including wheelchair users, can work comfortably and safely.

In common kitchens and private shared homes, height-adjustable solutions provide the added advantage that users can participate in working and other joint activities irrespective to differences in mobility and physical ability.

The height-adjustable mechanisms, onto which the worktops and cupboards of your own choice are mounted, can be used in the following applications:

 - Health care facilities
 - Aged care facilities
 - Rehabilitation centres
 - Shared Housing
 - Private homes
 - Educational facilities

Mechanisms are available as electrically or manually operated.


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