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Specialist Plumbing

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Adaptable Work & Living Solutions

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Environmental, Health and Safety Solutions

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Enware Ifö Brochure

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LEEC Mortuary and Funeral
Directors Equipment
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Enware Product Guide 2010


Enware Corporate brochure (1,960KB)


Anti Vandal Tapware (2,974KB)

Detention Tapware (2998KB)

Spring Action Tapware and Bubblers (1,045KB)

Time Flow Tapware (1,388KB)

LEVA Tapware (1,378KB)

Lever Action (905KB)

Enware Oras Single Lever Mixer (502KB)

Ultra Rinse Food Service Tapware (1,046KB)

Retractable Hose Reel (146KB)

Commercial Laboratory Fittings (3649KB)

School Laboratory Fittings (1,406KB)

Outlets, Spouts and Attachments (502KB)

Showers (678KB)

Enmatic Electronic Tapware (588KB)

Wall Mounted Electronic Tapware (665KB)

Electronic Urinal Flushing (877KB)

Electronic WC Toilet Flushing (605KB)

Aquablend Thermostatic Mixing Valves (860KB)

Waterware Appliances - Chillers and Instant Boiling Water Units (897KB)


Enpac - Spill Prevention & Secondary Containment Solutions

Enpac Spill Prevention (1,141KB)
Enpac Polyethylene Compatibility Chart (1,147KB)

Enpac IBC Containment Pallet (72KB)

Safety Shower & Eyewash Equipment

Emergency Showers, Eye Wash and Decontamination Solutions (3,083KB)

Tobin Bottle Eyewash Systems (308KB)

Zeomed - BioHazard Spill Kits

Zeomed (857KB)

FAST-ACT - Toxic Chemical Vapour Neutralisation

FAST-ACT Vapour 

OdorKlenz - The latest in odour neutralisation 

OdorKlenz - General Use

OdorKlenz - Funeral Homes (2,597KB)


Care Toilet Seats (1,655KB)

Indivo Kitchens CareDesign (332KB)

CareDesign Bathroom Products (322KB)

CareDesign Folding Seat & Support Arm (110KB)

CareDesign Nursing Bench & Change Table (55KB)

Adjustable Height Shampoo Basin (55KB)

Toilet Pan Infills (54KB)

Barrier Free Drinking Fountains (100KB)

Objecta ToiletSeat (294KB)


Hydrus Ultrasonic Water Meter (785KB)

HYDROMETER Smart Metering Solutions (762KB)