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FAST-ACT Unique Chemical Vapour Neutralising Technology now with Lloyds London Certification

Removes all toxic chemical vapours including H2S in minutes

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FAST-ACT provides an immediate response to eliminate chemical hazards and minimize exposure. The system has been proven to quickly contain and destroy a wide range of toxic chemicals, including chemical warfare agents.

FAST-ACT has a wide range of applications in the Hazmat, Maritime and Petro-Chemical Industries. Unique Vapour Solutions for First Responders, tank cleaning, De-gassing and filtration for personnel protection.

Enware FAST-ACT Vapour Brochure

MSDS FAST-ACT Formulation

FAST-ACT is a combination of common metal oxides (MgO + TiO2) with a unique morphology. It has nanomaterial properties with a final particle size of nearly 5μm.

The production process creates an altered, non-toxic molecular structure with large increase in porosity and surface area.

This family of products has utility for law enforcement, industrial and public protection applications.


- Non toxic to humans
- 5 Year shelf life
- Insoluble in water or moisture
- Available in granule (filter) and Decontamination Mitt
- No preparation required
- Cleans with water flush
- Effective in minutes
- Chemical vapours are converted to non-hazardous product for easy disposal
- Hydrocarbon vapours adsorbed in minutes
- Non Flammable - can be used for fire vapours

Certified_PVS_blue_600_Lloyds RegisterLloyds Register of London certify breakthrough technology for the treatment of H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) and toxic vapours.

Enware Australia have achieved worldwide PVS (Product Verification Scheme) certification on behalf of Timilon Technology Acquisitions LLC of the USA for FAST-ACT chemical neutralising technology.

This breakthrough product, using nanomaterial technology, has the ability to adsorb and destroy a wide range of toxic chemical compounds and in particular, hydrogen sulphide and its derivatives.

The product itself is non-toxic and stable but has a wide range of applications. It’s ability to adsorb and neutralise chemical vapours, particularly in confined space and gas streams is unique and available to the Maritime and ONG markets with the approval from Lloyds.

For more information contact us on 02 8536 4000 or email scott.whittaker@enware.com.au.






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