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Hazardous Chemical Spills & Vapours Neutraliser 

FAST-ACT provides an immediate response to eliminate chemical hazards and minimize exposure. The system has been proven to quickly contain and destroy a wide range of toxic chemicals, including chemical warfare agents.

It can be safely applied to any toxic liquid spill or vapour release enabling Emergency Responders to utilise one product when faced with a wide variety of known or unknown chemical hazards.



FAST-ACT is a combination of common metal oxides (MgO + TiO2) with a unique morphology. It has nanomaterial properties with a final particle size of nearly 5μm.

The production process creates an altered, non-toxic molecular structure with large increase in porosity and surface area.

This family of products has utility for law enforcement, industrial and public protection applications.



 - Neutralises TOXIC chemical liquids and VAPOURS*

 - Ideal solution for immediate laboratory chemical spill response

 - Works on acids, caustics, toxics and solvents

 - Easy to maintain and use

 - Non-toxic

 - Non-flammable

 - No limited shelf life

 - No pre-mixing required

*Summary of Effectiveness Table

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