Imbiber Beads® Super Absorbent Polymer


Imbiber Beads® are spherical, super absorbent polymer particles that absorb organic chemical liquids into their structure and can take up to 27 volumes per original size. Most of the products contain Imbicator®, colour indicator that changes colour as hydrocarbons and organic chemicals are absorbed.

Imbiber Beads® completely immobilise the liquid.
They dramatically reduce vapour emissions and the associated explosion, fire and health risks.

Imbiber Beads® offer unrivalled performance in water.
An Imbiber Bead® blanket floating on a tank or pond will remove an oil or solvent layer which will not leach or wash out when the blanket is removed, when squeezed only water will come out. It can remain in position for extended periods of time (up to 1 year). Work as a separator of oil from water.

Imbiber Beads® are more efficient than traditional products. They are selective, unaffected by water and retain spilled hydrocarbons so effectively that much less waste is produced during clean-up, reducing both labour and disposal costs.


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