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The Enware Chrome Factory is your one stop plating shop to cater to all your Electroplating needs,
If your restoring your Boat, Car or house and want to breath new life into your project,
Why not get your parts re-plated and polished back to new with quality chrome plating from the Chrome Factory.

For over 48 years The Chrome Factory has been enhancing and protecting items such as:

  • Car and Engine Parts
  • Motorcycle Parts
  • Boat Parts
  • Ornaments
  • Bathroom fittings and
  • Tapware

Call us now for a quote or come in and see our friendly staff at our Caringbah factory
and see what options we have to suit your particular project or job.
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For further information on what can be plated and pricing, please refer to our FAQS page. 

Contact Us On:

The Chrome Factory
Tel: +61 2 8543 4800
Fax: +61 2 8543 4848

64-66 Woodfield Boulevard
Caringbah NSW 2229

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