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Tobin Eyewash System

Effective, sterile and safe eyewashes for industrial use
Tobin's Eyewash Systems are a well proven, quick and safe way to wash chemicals from the eyes. This specially designed system gives fast application and a volume large enough for most eye accidents.

Within Arms' Reach
Chemicals in the eye cause serious damage within 1-5 seconds. Washing that begins within a few seconds can be decisive in minimising eye damage. A temporarily blinded person trying to reach an eye wash a few metres away requires presence of mind, a good sense of direction and an obstacle free passage. With Tobin an eyewash bottle can be within arms’ reach.

Controlled Flow
Tobin's bottle is constructed to empty under natural pressure, giving a soft flow. The eye is washed by a soft flow consisting of 6 tiny streams. A damaged eye must not be washed with a hard/sharp jet. When the bottom air vent is opened a patient cannot increase the flow by squeezing the bottle. A 1 litre bottle gives approximately 3 minutes washing time.

Uninterrupted washing over a long period is particularly important. The 5 bottle system gives approximately 15 minutes of flow. Further bottles can be taken from other stands if required. In Australia this system is considered supplementary support and may not replace the need for a primary eye wash station as outlined in AS4775.

Bottles can easily be removed from a stand and taken along during transportation to a doctor. It is very easy to open bottles by hand. It is possible to control the flow by placing the thumb over the hole on the bottom of the bottle.

Important Safety Features and Instructions


Wall Stands

Transport Stand

Pocket Eye Wash Bottle

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