Legionella: Minimisation of Risk

Building regulations state that the circulation of hot water must be at temperatures sufficiently high enough to stop the legionella, that naturally occurs in the water supply, from multiplying to a level that may cause health problems to susceptible people. In Australia, Health Department Guidelines and the National Plumbing and Drainage Code stipulates that hot water shall be stored at no less than 60ºC to help prevent the growth of legionella.

The Effect of Temperature on Legionella

Temperature Range Effect on Legionella
70-80ºC Disinfection range
66ºC Legionella will die in 2 minutes
60ºC Legionella will die in 32 minutes
55ºC Legionella will die in 5-6 hours
50-55ºC Legionella can survive but will not multiply
20-50ºC Legionella growth range
Below 20ºC Legionella can survive but are dormant

Microbial Growth or Scald Protection

Water below 50ºC has been considered 'safe' for scald protection. But even at this temperature 45 seconds of exposure can result in second degree burns on a child. However water stored below 50ºC creates a breeding ground for legionella bacteria.

A solution to both challanges is to fit an Aquablend SQX thermostatic mixer at the point of use. This allow hot water to be at sufficiently high temperature in the plumbing system to prevent bacteria or microbial growth whilst delivering safe, controlled temperature warm water for users. Typically 38-45ºC in high risk applications such as hospital or nursing homes.

The Aquablend SQX™ Provides The Advantages Of:
  • Minimises dead-legs in pipework where bacteria growth can occur
  • Allows for easier hot water disinfection of plumbing systems
  • Self-draining design further reduces bacteria growth risk

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