Automatic meter system in service to advance building management

Hydrus_DeepetchEnware Australia is installing automatic meter reading technology throughout Australia to help building owners and managers monitor water usage patterns and individual consumption levels.

The Diehl Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system advances water and energy management of residential, commercial and industrial developments by providing data including usage and leakage.

The system was selected for an affordable apartment complex in an Australian capital city and others in regional areas to provide individual metering of apartements to determine water use and determine appropriate water costs.

The system – which is suitable for Green Star building projects - features wireless data transfer that can be collected with walk-by / drive-by technology, IZAR M-Bus or fixed network systems for applications ranging from single point to entire plants, complexes or districts.

The system is fully compatible with water, gas and electricity meters and features flexible data management solutions, including IZAR@NET software that has been developed to interface and adapt to most customer billing systems and to provide a powerful database management tool.

A key customer requirement for the water management system was that the system had to be able to collect data from all units without the need to enter each apartment, said Enware Australia Pty Ltd Managing Director Mr Paul Degnan. This need was satisfied by a system incorporating the Diehl M-Bus system with HYDRUS Ultrasonic water meters and IZAR data logging system.

Other requirements included:

  • highly accurate meter reads
  • leak detection and abnormal use
  • metering hot and cold water and gas, as well as common area meters
  • data integrity between the meter and the system
  • reduced whole of life costs

“The successful outcome is particularly significant given water conservation and climate change awareness. This, and rising water and energy costs - make responsible and efficient handling of resources more important than ever,” says Mr Degnan.

“Easy automatic meter reading greatly simplifies the classic manual form of meter reading required by conventional meters, saving time and instantly identifying water and energy inefficiencies.

“Enware’s extensive experience of water management and conservation – extending over more than 60 years – enables us to offer considerable assistance in choosing and installing the right system,” says Mr Degnan.

“We can assist clients to address challenges such as integrating technology, budget constraints, energy reduction, environmental regulations, existing infrastructure and varying site conditions and future proofing.”

Metering systems available with the AMR system include:

* Walk-by / drive-by mobile data acquisition unit, most suited to applications where wired systems are difficult to install, where meters are more sparsely distributed and where immediate or high resolution data is not critical – ie, where fortnightly or monthly data is adequate, billing or splitting utility invoices.

This system can be used to manually read existing meters without AMR functions at the same time, and is expandable to a fully remote fixed network at a later date.

* IZAR M-Bus, which combines wireless and wired technologies to provide a building-wide network that allows the reading of meters down to one minute intervals. This system is suitable for complex buildings with many meters including apartment, commercial and independent living facilities.

* Fixed Network systems are suitable for applications where meters require fully remote reading ie, off site. They provide high resolution data, which can be used to trend water usage patterns, identify leak detection, and post data into billing systems, all from the comfort of your office. Applications include property management companies managing many sites, local councils and utilities who can meter entire suburbs or cities.

The Hyrdus water meter with inbuilt radio transmitter is used for cold and hot water. Its static ultrasonic technology, ensures the meters measure accurately for the complete 16 year life. Rugged encapsulated electronics make it insensitive to all kinds of environmental effects and suitable for use in areas with high humidity, flooded shafts or pressure surges in pipe systems. This meter is installed the same way as a mechanical meter and requires no configuration.

M-Bus receivers - located in strategic locations to maximise reading capacity – can each collect data from up to 500 meters. The IZARCENTER receives meter consumption data via M-Bus receivers and acts as the data logger. It can transmit data via USB, Ethernet, LAN or GPRS modem into IZAR@NET software.

The IZAR Receiver Display is a battery operated radio receiver with data display and USB interface for all radio enabled meters, water gas or electricity. The display is used for the automatic, unattended reading of resource consumption and for leakage detection in water distribution lines for private users. It is ideal for small applications such as the home, office, education and small commercial scenarios.

User-friendly IZAR@NET software provides facilities for visualizing and evaluating remotely read consumption date for all media –heat, water, gas and electricity. Clear graphics and easy operation minimise familiarisation time and several users can access client-server software simultaneously. The powerful Oracle database guarantees safe data archiving and other database management tool.

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