Enware’s cytotoxic body fluid spill kit protects nurses and carers

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Enware Australia has released its ZeoMed cytotoxic body fluid spill kit, designed to protect healthcare workers and carers from spills of body fluids from patients undergoing cytotoxic drugs treatment.

“These drugs present risks to nurses and carers, whether from the chemicals themselves or from body fluids of patients being treated by the drugs. They can be extremely harmful to health without proper safeguards,” said Scott Whittaker, Business Development Manager for Enware Australia.

Cytotoxic drugs are primarily used for treating cancer, but are also employed in the management of other medical conditions including multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and lupus.

As the drugs are highly toxic to cells, workers who come into contact with the substances and related body waste are at risk of possible adverse effects. Cytotoxic biohazards may be present in the vomit, blood or other fluids from patients undergoing treatment.

Enware’s body fluid spill kit is applicable to healthcare workers and carers in hospitals, aged care facilities, nursing homes, patient transport, medical facilities and even in veterinary practice.

The Enware cytotoxic body fluid spill clean-up kit contains:

  • 200 mg sachet of ZeoMed absorbent powder
  • two purple cytotoxic bags
  • red alginate bag
  • pH neutral foaming detergent
  • chemosorb pad
  • scoop and scraper, two cleaning cloths
  • face mask with eye shield, protective gown, hairnet, pair of shoe covers, two pairs of purple nitrile gloves
  • instruction sheet, cytotoxic spill sign, cable ties

The ZeoMed clean-up powder contained in the kit incorporates a pure form of zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral whose absorbent properties make it ideal for a spill kit.

ZeoMedsoaks up excess moisture, helping coagulate the spill, which is usually a combination of viscous and solid materials. The powder is quick-acting and is also a natural absorbent of toxic and noxious odours. It is chemically inert, non-toxic, ecologically safe and has no expiry date.

To order Enware Australia’s cytotoxic body fluid spill kit, phone 1300 369 273, email zeomed@enware.com.au or visit www.zeomed.com.au

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