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LEEC Mortuary and Funeral Directors Equipment

Enware are proud to distribute the LEEC range of Funeral and Mortuary products in Australasia.

With nearly 60 years of experience, LEEC provides a unique range of mortuary products, designed specifically for Funeral Directors and Mortuaries. A vast majority incorporate the ‘Body Handling’ concept which was originated by LEEC some 40 years ago.

The unique LEEC Body Handling System offers a practical route to eliminate arduous physical effort, repeated body handling, the significant risk of infection, and hazardous practices within the mortuary.

The LEEC concept can be successfully applied to both new and existing facilities allowing creation of protected areas for complete segregation of post mortem facilities, resulting in significant space savings and reduced running costs.

LEEC’s ‘integrated’ approach is able to offer several key advantages, particularly when coupled with the range of trays and racking systems to ensure compatibility.

Enware’s range of tapware, safety and stainless steel products complement LEEC’s range providing robust, reliable and fit for purpose solutions that will deliver performance, and whole of life cost benefits for your facility.




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