Display apartment features the very latest in adaptive interior solutions

ILCNSW Height Adjustable Kitchen 

World class kitchens and bathrooms are on display at the community-based Independent Living Centre’s (ILCNSW) site in Sydney. The ILCNSW has installed a complete model apartment within its premises, to expand people’s awareness of the choices and possibilities available in assistive lifestyle technology. The premises is located at Westpoint Blacktown in NSW. (www.ilcnsw.asn.au)

Enware's kitchen and bathroom solutions are among a broad range of innovative technologies assembled there. They feature height-adjustable cupboards, benches, sinks and work surfaces. These are designed to be raised and lowered to enhance the safety and comfort of people with a disability and their carers.

As the principal distributor of Pressalit Care kitchen and bathroom products for the disability, health care and aged care markets, Enware is well placed to offer a tailor-made solution for architects, occupational therapists and private individuals.

“Today, the guiding philosophy is that impaired mobility should not limit a person’s life opportunities.

“We are an enthusiastic supporter of the Independent Living Centre NSW, which is helping both younger and older people with disabilities find their personal and individual solution to enhance independent living,” says Enware Technical Specification Specialist, Mr Sandor Franken.

“Some 21 per cent of Australians - or more than one in five people - have some form of disability” says Mr Franken. “The total includes a rising number of younger and older people who are mobility impaired, who may have walking or standing limitations that require them to sit while working, use a mobility aid such as crutches, canes or walkers, or use a wheelchair.

“In the past, height accessibility in kitchens and bathrooms may have compelled many such people to become dependent on others for even basic functions such as making meals or working independently on bench tops.