Emergency showers and eyewashes make a splash for Enware Australia at Safety Show in Sydney

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Emergency shower and eyewash products were the popular focus of attention at the Enware Australia display at The Safety Show in Sydney in October 2012, highlighting the efforts being made towards preventing injury on industrial worksites.

“The Safety Show was a gratifying success for us as well as visitors and exhibitors,” said an Allan Lane, Business Development Manager for Safety at Enware. “Our equipment on display was obviously meeting a strong demand for innovative, practical and effective responses to emergency spills or splashes.”

Relocatable showers and eyewashes were particular favourites of visitors to the Enware stand. These products are of notable interest to safety officers at mining, oil, gas, heavy engineering and energy plants.

The self-contained EM850 relocatable safety shower and eyewash, for example, incorporates a water storage capacity to operate both the emergency shower and eyewash to AS4775-2007 requirements, and does not need a mains power or plumbing connection.

Enware’s emergency products are designed for industrial worksites where serious injury can occur if eye and skin accidents are not treated within seconds.

The Enware display at the Sydney Safety Show included broader ranges of shower and eyewash equipment featuring breakthrough Vertex technology, where eyewash and face wash streams deliver optimum coverage.

The display also featured Tobin eyewash products, Enpac, FAST-ACT and ZeoMed ranges. Tobin eyewashes provide an effective sterile and safe eyewash for industrial use, while Enpac is a recognised world leader in spill protection and containment.

FAST-ACT facilitates an immediate response to eliminate chemical hazards and minimise exposure. ZeoMed spill management systems provide a complete, quick response solution for general and body fluid spills.

Enware is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel showers in Australia and exports to 15 countries. The company has won design awards in Australia and overseas for its specialist plumbing and rugged stainless steel safety products. Enware holds an Australian Standards Licence as a Quality Endorsed Company ISO9001:2008(Licence No. 1213).

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