Standards Australia Announcement: Transfer of administration of the Watermark Certification Scheme

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By: Tim Fisher- General Manager in Marketing and Innovation

Transfer of the ownership and administration to the Australia Building Codes Board (ABCB) is the first critical step to address the inaction that has frustrated industry regarding the Watermark Scheme.

As the Watermark is a scheme recognised and legislated for and in the Australian market place, there are also additional key elements that will reviewed by the ABCB which includes;

  • The writing of technical specifications for plumbing products
  • A review of existing certification bodies who issue Watermark licenses
  • A complete review of existing products listed in AS5200 based on a risk management review as to whether all products currently listed should continue to be required to be Watermarked as well as determining any new product, products and categories that should now be included in this review.

The timing of these activities is all to be determined by the ABCB, however, it is expected to be completed through 2013.

Enware’s investment in this mandatory compliance scheme is significant in terms of both the ongoing direct costs associated with the certification of our plumbing products as well as the internal resources required to administer and monitor through our QA, R&D and Supply Chain departments. The anticipated benefit for Enware is that we shall slowly begin to see changes that we have lobbied support of for so long. Additionally we are further directly involved through a range of industry groups and Standards committees (PCC, PPI Group, WS-014, WS-031) that shall assist in these reviews.

Our investment in the Watermark Scheme and its importance in ensuring our customers are supplied with innovative, compliant plumbing solutions is expected to be further strengthened as a result of these reviews.

Standards Australia Media Release: Watermark Statement 31 January 2013