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Product Group: ATMS700 
Aquablend 1500 Thermostatic Mixing Valve Stainless Steel Box

Aquablend Stainless steel enclosure options make accessing and servicing easy, with practical features such as:
- Anti-tamper lockable box with brushed stainless steel cover plate
- Adjustable fascia cover to allow adjustment for wall type covering
- Compact design dimensions to fit into stud work
- Oversized fascia provides a flange for recess mounting
- Supplied complete with valve fully plumbed
- Durable stainless steel construction
- Easy access and servicing in-situ
- Complete with temperature test point on outlet

4-hole configurations are available for cold water by-pass designs.

For special configurations including hot water by-pass designs please contact your Enware representative.

Order codes
ATMS700E - Standard 3-Hole Box Exposed
ATMS700R - Standard 3-Hole Box Recessed
ATMS700H - Standard 3-Hole Box Recessed Hinged Door
ATMS719E - Cold Water By-Pass 4-Hole Box Exposed
ATMS719R - Cold Water By-Pass 4-Hole Box Recessed
ATMS719H - Cold Water By-Pass 4-Hole Box Hinged Door

Applications Hospital, health care, childcare, aged care, public amenities, accessible toilets, domestic and all ablutionary outlets where an elderly, sick, disabled person or young child require scald protection for compliance with AS/NZS 3500.4
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