200mm Lever Series 

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200mm Lever Series Enware’s Lever Action Tapware is a world leader for quality, simplicity and proven endurance. The functional designs – in sizes of 60mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm – make them perfect for applications in which ease of operation and control is paramount. The versatility of wall or bench mounting makes them ideal for medical, surgical and laboratory use, as well as hygienic commercial food preparation. The simple lever action brings extra convenience for convalescent and retirement facilities; and especially for those with arthritis. Each Lever Action tap is WaterMark licensed to AS/NZS 3718; created from durable, dezincification resistant brass for a long life. The easy action quarter-turn valve technology is available in standard ceramic disc, non-rising jumper valve; or in heavy pattern, rising jumper valve.
Lever Action Basin Set With SP001 Spout
Lever Action Forward Bowl Sink Set With SP010 Spout
Lever Action Recess Adaptor
Lever Action Type 50 Hob Surgeon Set
Lever Action Type 51 Wall Surgeon Set
Lever Action Type 54 Outlet Mixed Water
Lever Action Type 50 Adjustable Hob Surgeon Set
Lever Action Type 51 Adjustable Wall Surgeon Set