• Enpac Overview

    Enpac spill containment and secondary containment solutions

Enpac is a recognised world leader in spill protection and containment with over two decades of experience in delivering smarter, stronger, safer, quality products you can depend on. Products made from virgin polyethylene with UV protection, for more strength and durability.

Enpac's innovative and award-winning product designs have been tested in rigorous conditions on every continent, and virtually every climate zone on the planet.

As businesses and industry face the increasing challenge of safety handling, storing, and transporting hazardous materials, Enpac's comprehensive line of products provides high quality solutions that ensure worker safety and help to protect the environment.

Enware's exclusive Australian association with Enpac allow us to offer you:

  • The world's largest, most comprehensive spill prevention and containment product range
  • Quality products backed by nearly two decades of experience in delivering performance and best value
  • Fully integrated design and manufacturing committed to delivering product fit, form and functions with all the right features and benefits you need

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Spill protection, containment for a safer workplace