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    Pre-rinse solutions for professional kitchens and cafes

Built tough for the demands of professional kitchens

Performance and reliability is especially key to any business. The metaphor of a chain is only as strong as its weakest link comes to mind and is especially relevant to the pressures in commercial kitchens.

Whilst not the glamour product (lets face it the cooking tv shows are never show the clean up) the pre-rinse activity is an important as any link in the chain. We pride ourselves on providing functional, dependable equipment so the kitchen operation is optimal.

Our heavy duty, modular systems are made in Australia and have been chosen again and again by leading restaurants, fast food chains, supermarket chains and hospitality providers.

The modular design means we can easily configure to meet your specific needs – whether its space available in an existing kitchen or to suit the function design of a new kitchen.

Being Australian made means faster turn around on special requirements and greater access to spares and support.

1 year – commercial warranty including parts and labour. Many alternatives are 3 months or less for commercial use.


The ultra-rinse trigger spray is at the heart of our pre rinse assemblies.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to achieve an impressive 6-Star water efficiency rating, the Ultra-Rinse incorporates advanced technology in its easy to use ergonomic design.

The superior high-velocity spray pattern cleans faster and uses less water. Using just four litres per minute.


  • Rubber guards protect plates, wall and sink from accidental knocks
  • Self closing mechanism helps reduce water waste
  • Stay open ring for prolonged use
  • Plastic covered handle for cool touch and ribbed grip trigger spray

This chart shows the water and energy savings compared to a traditional 12Lpm spray gun. The blue is the water and red the heating energy saved by reducing the amount of hot water used.

From an operational perspective The effectiveness of ultra-rinse spray also means less time spent at the sink for a more productive kitchen.


1. Heavy duty brass construction with high quality chrome finish. High quality construction with heavy duty ¼ turn jumper valve sba’s and is fully serviceable

2. Easy to use, ergonomic handle design with cool touch protection Chisel style spray removes excess food in less time using less water Self closing trigger spray turns off water when not in use

3. Stainless steel heavy duty spring return for maximum durability

4. Premium quality anti-kinking heavy duty hose with full stainless steel swivel connections. Dual check valve for low hazard back flow prevention

5. Adjustable wall bracket


Various spout shapes and reach to suit style and sink sizes. Pictured here is the standard angular spout.

Ultra-Spray the soft spray alternative


The Ultra-Spray has an adjustable spray pattern – twist to alternate between a shower type spray and an aerator. Handy for sinks that multi purpose, not dedicated to cleaning muck of the plates. Note this spray is not as effective as the ultra-rinse in cleaning.

Further options include riser, hose and spring lengths. An Enware representative can assist with configuring a special product variation if required.

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