Ride 4 Rocket | A Journey to Open New Doors

On the 27th September, our MD Adam Degnan will embark on a 4 day - 622 km ride from Caringbah to Wagga Wagga to raise some much needed funds for a local shire boy, and his mum.

The reason:


Josh Rees (Rocket) was born with cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. He has also recently undergone treatment for cancer. Josh strongly believes his disability shouldn't prevent him from doing things, but he relies on his wheelchair to get around. The goal of this ride is to raise enough money to get Josh’s mums car converted to allow his wheelchair to go in, or ideally a specialised vehicle. Josh's mum is his primary and only carer, Josh's dad David tragically died of cancer in 2014.

About Josh
32 years old. Cerebral palsy since birth. Lives at home with mum who is his sole carer.

He spends a lot of time by himself because social networking is very limited when you rely on someone else for transport. Using social media to keep contact with school friends and acquaintances.
His interests include sport (ONE-EYED SHARKS SUPPORTER!), Olympic Games - fancies himself as an expert, and movies.
He is a family man, enjoys spending time with his sister & nephew and really looks forward to birthdays and celebrations that draw aunties, uncles & cousins together.

In 2016 he attended the Australian Film Television & Radio School where he finished a Diploma in Editing. This year he commenced an Advanced Diploma in Visual Effects but had to withdraw due to health issues. 
David, Josh’s dad, lived for almost 20 years with cancer. Sadly, in 2014, David died. Joshua misses his dad terribly. He no longer has his support physically or emotionally.
In February this year Joshua was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Because he had seen his dad’s battle with cancer, his anxiety levels went through the roof. He thought he was going to die. Joshua had months of chemotherapy. He came through with flying colours, very brave, very accepting, determined to beat it. Which he did.

Now he wants to go out into the world and do stuff. Unfortunately he can only go on public transport or via taxi. Josh's mum would like to buy a vehicle that can be converted to carry his power chair so they can go together, perhaps he will be able to go places and do things that other people are doing.

About the ride | 622km
Wed 27 Sept | Day 1 - Caringbah to Huskisson - 167km
Thu 28 Sept | Day 2 - Huskisson to Murrumbateman - 209km
Fri 29 Sept | Day 3 - Murrumbateman to South Gundagai - 166km
Sat 30 Sept | Day 4 - South Gundagai to Wagga Wagga - 80km
Sun 1 Oct | Rapha Dirty 130 Gears + Beers Festival

The ride will finish in Wagga on Saturday then we will complete the Dirty 130 on Sunday. 
For more information on the cause and how you can help, please visit the following GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/ride-4-rocket

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