Highly efficient spray gun for commercial kitchen pre-rinse applications

Ultra-Rinse pre-rinse spray gun


The FS729 Ultra-Rinse pre-rinse spray gun is the result of Enware’s world-leading research and development.



Designed and manufactured in Australia to achieve an impressive 6-star water efficiency rating, the Ultra-Rinse incorporates advanced technology in its ergonomic design.



The superior high-velocity spray pattern cleans more efficiently, requiring less water per minute; cleaning faster with less effort. With the 6-Star WELS rating reflecting a flow rate of just 4 litres per minute, significant water-heating energy savings are a welcomed bonus.






  • Proven durability in some of Australia’s leading restaurants and food franchises
  • WaterMark approved, install with confidence 
  • Moulded rubber nozzle guard helps reduce the risk of damage from accidental knocks 
  • Easy to use, ergonomic handle design 
  • Chisel style spray pattern rapidly removes the food excess for less time spent at the sink 
  • High water efficiency, reduces water costs and the energy costs for heating the water 
  • Self-closing trigger spray turns off water when not in use 
  • Stay open ring keeps spray on for easier prolonged use 
  • Dual check valve for backflow prevention 
  • Can be retro-fitted to improve efficiency of existing units





Choose from a wide range of options to suit your kitchen requirements. Built tough for the demands of busy commercial kitchens where performance and reliability is crucial.

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