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Aquablend 1500 - 3-Hole Lockable Stainless Steel Cabinet

Aquablend's technology provides superior control when scald protection is needed most even under changing pressure and temperature conditions, and also at ambient start up. The proven performance, reliability and low 'whole of life' cost makes Aquablend a popular choice and the inclusion of the new thermal flush feature, maintaining a healthy water service has never been easier. Suitable for health and general applications. NSW Health approval for use in healthcare in NSW. Anti-tamper, lockable stainless steel box for easier installation and servicing. The durable box has a brushed stainless cover plate and includes TMV mounted on support bracket, fully plumbed with test port on outlet. Recessed model with oversized fascia and adjustable depth to allow for various wall types.

Key features

  • Australian design and manufacture and Standards Licensed to AS4032.1
  • Thermal flush activation incorporated within the headworks for superior flush capabilities
  • Scald and thermal shock protection with rapid thermal shut-off should either the cold or hot water supply failure
  • Highly responsive mixed temperature control (+/- 2 Degrees Celcius) under changing inlet temperature and pressure conditions
  • Delivers excellent flow, operating at a minimum pressure of 20kPa
  • Supplied complete with TMV mounted on support bracket, fully plumbed with test port on outlet
  • Products

    Order code Aquablend 1500 - 3-Hole Lockable Stainless Steel Cabinet
    Exposed Box and Removable Lid
    Recessed Box and Removable Lid
    Recessed Security Model with Torx Screw Lid
    Access panel is removable for easy access especially in small spaces or near walls - Hinged door option available
  • Temperature Adjustment Range 38 to 50C
    Dynamic Inlet Pressures 20 kPa Min - 500 kPa Max
    Static Inlet Pressure 1600 kPa Max
    Flow Rate 39 lpm @ 300 kPa Pressure Loss
    Minimum Flow Rate for Stable Outlet Temperature 4 litres / min
    Inlet Size DN20 Copper Tube (Type B 19.05mm OD) Valve Connection: 1/2" BSP
    Outlet Size DN20 Copper Tube (Type B 19.05mm OD) Valve Connection: 1" BSP with 1/2" BSP Adaptor
    Inlet Temperatures Cold Supply: Min 5 C Max 30 C Hot Supply: Min 55 C Max 90 C
    For optimum operation it is recommended that the hot and cold water supply pressures be balanced within +/- 10%. Hot to Mix temperature differential required for stable operation is minimum 10C. * Enware products are to be installed in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia and AS/NZS3500. NOTE: Enware Australia advises: 1. Due to ongoing Research and Development, specifications may change without notice. 2. Component specifications may change on some export models.
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