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Aquablend Health Point of Use TMV with Four Way Mixer

The New Aquablend Health TMV delivers an all new approach to hygiene, safety and convenience for Health Care and Aged Care Ensuites. The Aquablend Health TMV is a point of use (POU) thermostatic mixing valve coupled with a unique 4 way mixer allowing the user to easily and safely mix water for showering at the desired temperature from Cold through to Full Warm. Simultaneously, pre-mixed warm and/or cold water can be delivered to adjacent fixtures. The benefit of this design is by increasing the flow through the Thermostatic Mixer, it comes up to full operating temperature and maximum flow more regularly, thereby reducing the risk of legionella or other bacteria developing.

Key features

  • Thermal flush - no recommissioning required
  • 4-way by-pass mixer - supplies shower, ensuite basin, clinical basin and toilet
  • Deadleg reduction - point of use shower control reduces deadleg
  • Low lead content - TMV and 4-Way Mixer (maximum 0.25% actual)
  • Connect to SMART FLOW - water monitoring and data capturing system
Technical Data Sheet
  • Products

    Order code Aquablend Health Point of Use TMV with Four Way Mixer
    Point of Use TMV with 4-way Mixer
  • Dynamic Inlet Pressures* Min. 20kPa Max. 500kPa
    Static Inlet Pressures Max. 1000kPa
    Hot Temperature Supply Range Min. 55C Max. 90C
    Cold Temperature Supply Range Min. 5C Max. 30C
    Minimum Temperature Differential 10 C
    Thermostatic Temperature Range 35 - 48C (+/- 2C)
    Minimum Flow Rate 4 L/min
    Maximum Flow Rate - Thermostatic Mixing Valve 23 L/min @ 300 kPa
    *AS3500.4 clause - The dynamic pressure differential between hot and cold supplies when mixed at a thermostatic mixing valve shall not exceed 10%. Low Lead (0.25% actual) Content Brass is used for the Health TMV and 4 way mixer. Enware products are to be installed in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia .
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