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IFO Toilet Kit - AS1428.1-2009 Set Up - P Trap

Ifo Sign Toilet Increased Height - P Trap has 95 degree cistern to pan angle and complies with all angles thrust test of 1100 N. Chromed flush button improves visibility and seamless cistern as back and side transfer support and provides 100% consistency and reliability as combined wc and back support - no additional backrest needed to meet requirements of AS1428.1:2009** Ifo Toilet Kit includes Freestanding IFO WC, Pressalit Sign Toilet Seat With Lid Anthracite Grey and Raised Flush Button.

Key features

  • Freestanding toilet with 460mm seat height (height excludes seat), cistern as reservoir and backrest
  • Integrated cistern is a performance based solution which serves as a backrest on the accessible toilet in AS1428.1-2009**
  • Pan load rated to 400 kg
  • Tested to comply with 90% of commonly used Australian commode chairs (including A90 wheelchair)
  • Fully glazed on back and inside rim to avoid bacteria growth
  • Increased foot print for enhanced stability
Technical Data Sheet
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