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Urinal Flushing System with Touch Activation - Rear Access

Enware's Urinal flushing systems provide a neat and reliable flushing solution using piezoelectric technology particularly suited for public access applications. Electronic Flush Valve for urinals, activated by a piezo button that is mains powered. Semi concealed installation with a stainless steel panel. Shut off valve and filter included. Suitable for AS1428.1 applications.

Key features

  • Piezo touch button control
  • Vandal resistant torx screws
  • Compact face plate
  • Mains power 24V
  • 3 Star water efficiency rating
  • 1-year warranty
  • Products

    Order code Urinal Flushing System with Touch Activation - Rear Access
    3 Star WELS rating
    Sentinel Flushing - Every 12 or 24 hours
  • Water Supply Pressure: 350kPa (operational). NOTE: WELS Flush Volume only achieved at 350kPa. Min 200kPa for operation.
    Minimum Water Supply Line Size: 3/4" (20mm) copper pipe
    Mains Powered: 24V AC Transformer
    Kv Factor: 0.42 Kv
    Connection: 1/2" BSP (15mm)
    For correct operation ensure that the installation meets the hydraulic requirements of AS/NZS3500.1. Also there must be: Minimum 20mm copper supply line for 1 stall or up to 450mm wall space. 600mm of wall space may require 25mm supply. No more than 1 valve per urinal OR 600mm wall space. Flush valve must be no more than 2m above ground level. Flush valve should be installed min 300mm above wall hung urinals and 450mm above continuous wall urinals. * For ATS5200.020 compliance air break EMFS10 must be used.
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