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WC Dual Flush Duct With Extended Tail

Enware's WC flushing systems provide a neat and reliable flushing solution using piezoelectric technology particularly suited for public access applications. Uses a WaterMarked solenoid that when combined with an appropriate pan delivers either a 3/6L or 3/4.5L flush. Intended for ducted access. Semi concealed installation with a stainless steel panel and security screws. Shut off valve, filter & airbreak included. Suitable for AS1428.1 applications.

Key features

  • Piezo touch button control
  • Mains power 24V
  • Face plate for duct fixing
  • Vandal resistant torx screws
  • WMTS-020 Compliant
  • 1-year warranty
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    3 Stars WELS Rating
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  • Connection Inlet - 1" BSP (25mm) Outlet - 1" BSP (40mm)
    Minimum Water Supply Line Size 1" (25mm) copper pipe
    Mains Powered 24V AC Transformer
    Kv Factor 8.3m3/h
    Flush Pipe 700mm (+/- 100mm) of 1 1/2" (40mm) flush pipe is required below the air break.
    Single Flush Water Supply Working Pressure 250kPa*
    Dual Flush Water Supply Working Pressure 300kPa*
    Note: a maximum of 1x90 degree bend is to be used in the flush pipe. 45 degree bends are preferred. For installation outside of this parameter please contact your Enware representative. * Enware products are to be installed in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia and AS/NZS3500. Enware Australia advises: 1. Due to ongoing Research and Development, specifications may change without notice. 2. Component specifications may change on some export models.
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    PDF Dimensional Drawings EMF412M-3 EMF412M-4
    BIM and 3D Files
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