Fast-Act Decontamination Mitt (10 Pack)

The FAST-ACT Individual Decontamination Mitt contains FAST-ACT powder in a contained pad with a polyethylene backing. The mitt slips over the user?s glove to apply free-flowing powder for chemical decontamination. FAST-ACT can be safely applied to liquid contamination enabling, Soldiers and Emergency Responders to decontaminate their equipment when faced with a wide variety of known or unknown chemical hazards. FAST-ACT is a rapid and effective way to safely neutralize toxic releases efficiently reducing life-safety threat, equipment, and cost.

Key features

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Designed to decontaminate equipment: mask/hood, gloves, footwear, weapon, helmet
  • Reduces cross contamination among equipment and personnel
  • Minimizes chemical exposure
  • Conveniently sized and packaged
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