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Knee Operated Autotap Basin Kit

The self-closing knee operated valve is located beneath the basin and when moved with the knee or leg the water flows for approximately 15 seconds, allowing the user to wash hands without having to touch the taps. The knee lever can be operated in any direction to activate water flow. As it is a mechanical device, the knee operated valve is particularly appropriate in wet or wash down areas including fish and meat processing facilities.

Key features

  • 100mm fixed aerated basin outlet
  • 500mm flexible connection hose
  • 1 mini isolating stop
  • Products

    Order code Knee Operated Autotap Basin Kit
    Time Flow - 15 Seconds
  • Recommended Working Pressure 250-350 kPa for optimum performance
    Minimum-Maximum Working Pressure Range 50-500 kPa*
    Water Temperature* Maximum 50 deg C
    Note: Flow times are indicative only. Enware-Delabie time flow tapware uses mechanical technology and flow times may vary under different flow and pressure conditions
    * Enware products are to be installed in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia and AS/NZS3500. NOTE: Enware Australia advises: 1. Due to ongoing Research and Development, specifications may change without notice. 2. Component specifications may change on some export models.
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