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Type B Washbasin Kit with eSQX

After comprehensive, laboratory and field testing and feedback from user groups, Enware has produced a functional Type B Handwash Station Kit. Providing a simple and compliant solution to the requirements of the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines and to meet hospital hand wash guidelines. They also aid in infection control whilst still being user friendly with easy maintenance. Ideal for hospitals, health care and research facilities. Kit is made up of an Enware Kolo Rekord basin complete with shroud and an eSQX infra-red touch free point of use Thermostatic Mixer.

Key features

  • Designed in accordance with the Australasian Health Guidelines for Type B wash basin stations
  • Spout and waste positions staggered to optimise infection control
  • ATM621 eSQX touch free point of use thermostatic mixer, with wave-on/wave-off sensor and ATWMC2L5 230mm spout
  • Minimises legionella, infection, bacterial growth and transmission
  • Basin design is anti-water harbouring with no overflow and supplied with shroud for infection control
  • Fully rimmed basin for water and splash retention and curved surfaces for drainage
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