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Enware-Delabie Time Flow Chamber - Replacement

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    Order code Enware-Delabie Time Flow Chamber - Replacement
    Chamber Green - 3 Seconds (+1/-1)
  • Recommended Working Pressure 250-350 kPa for optimum performance
    Minimum-Maximum Working Pressure Range 50-500 kPa*
    Water Temperature* Maximum 50 deg C
    Note: Flow times are indicative only. Enware-Delabie time flow tapware uses mechanical technology and flow times may vary under different flow and pressure conditions
    * Enware products are to be installed in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia and AS/NZS3500. NOTE: Enware Australia advises: 1. Due to ongoing Research and Development, specifications may change without notice. 2. Component specifications may change on some export models.
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    Brochure Enware - Delabie Timeflow B Self Closing - Product Guide
    PDF Dimensional Drawings TFC003
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