ZeoMed Cytotoxic Chemical Spill Kit - Box

Cytotoxic and other cancer fighting drugs create a dangerous hazard for healthcare workers. This kit has been specifically designed for the clean up of chemical spills and can also be used for body fluid spills from people under going cytotoxic treatment. Especially designed for the control of spills where cytotoxic drugs are handled. This kit can be used for both chemical and body fluid clean-up. Packaged complete in a single use box.

Key features

  • 1 x Instruction sheet
  • 1 x Long sleeved impermeable gown with elastic cuffs
  • 4 x Pair of purple cytotoxic gloves (2 large, 2 medium)
  • 1 x Pair of impervious overboots, 1 x Face mask, 1 x Protective eyewear, 1 x Hairnet
  • 2 x Cytotoxic spill sign, 4 x Chemosorb pad, 6 x Wash cloth, 1 x Alginate bag
  • 2 x Purple cytotoxic waste bag with tie, 1 x Scoop & scraper, 1 x Bottle of water, 1 x pH neutral foaming detergent
Technical Data Sheet
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