VERTECH™ Technology for effective relief when you need it most

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Introducing Enware's VERTECH technology for effective relief when you need it most.

This technology has been designed to create a Zero Velocity point. The reduced water velocity is gentle and effective helping allow a greater amount of time in the flushing zone, which is important especially when cleansing the sensitive eyeballs from hazardous materials. 

01 Zero Velocity point provides more comfort and control

02 Dedicated eyewash streams for targeted flushing of eyes

03 Independently angled face wash streams provide optimum coverage


VERTECH Technology is now standard on our plumbed emergency eye and eye/face wash equipment including combination showers.


When seconds count you can depend on Enware

Medical and industrial experiences have shown that initial first aid treatment for many hazardous contaminants should be to wash the contaminated part of the body as soon as possible.

Every second counts in the treatment of an injury and that’s why Enware emergency systems are designed to deliver an effective response when accidents happen.
Deluging water flow, ease of use and proven technology provides optimal functionality, making Enware’s emergency products essential for minimising effects of injury.


Enware emergency systems are relied upon throughout mining, petrochemical, oil refinery, chemical manufacturing, handling and storage, as well as laboratories and hospitals.

For the peace of mind that you have chosen equipment that will perform when needed, you can depend on Enware.

  • Durable stainless steel construction enhances reliability and performance
  • Yellow powder coated activation points, provides the high visibility feature which is important if an emergency occurs
  • The self draining shower has been designed to minimise the risk of bacteria growth, particularly in tepid water applications
  • Certified compliance to Australian Standard AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1


We can customise to your site requirements

Enware’s experience and flexible manufacturing process means emergency systems can be customised to suit your specific user, hazard or site requirements. Whether it’s a self contained gravity fed shower or additional accessories such as audio visual alarms, Enware’s experienced professional team can offer advice on the appropriate solution for any situation.

01 Lighting: Green fluorescent lighting helps identify the location of emergency equipment.
Suitable for installation on the wall or shower. Lighting is available for both hazardous and non-hazardous applications.

02 Alarms systems: Alarms alert colleagues and safety officers that an accident has happened and help is required.
Alarm systems can be configured as a local audio visual alert and/or to a BMS system. Alarms are available for both hazardous and non-hazardous applications.

03 Protection from the elements:

Hot climate locations
Thermal insulation helps to keep the water
in the pipework cooler. A thermal relief valve discharges the minimum amount of water
required to keep temperature within safe limits.

Cold climate locations
In colder climates the emergency system
can be disabled if the water freezes
in the pipework. An anti-freeze valve
bleeds out cold water drawing through
the warmer water.

04 Corrosive environments:
Powder coating provides extra protection
for emergency systems installed in areas where chemicals are used or stored and in areas
of high salinity. The colour options can also
enhance visual safety by making equipment
easier to see within the facility.
Standard colours: Orange, Yellow, Green, White

Other colours available on request.

Products are manufactured in 304 stainless steel
as standard and available in 316 stainless steel
as an option.

05 For outdoor installations, particularly where emergency systems are not covered, consider
a no bowl option on your eye or eye/face wash.

06 Signage for easier equipment identification and compliance to AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1

07 Optional foot pedal activation for the eye/face wash. Platform operated showers and eye wash systems are also available.


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