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Hydration is key to ensuring healthy brain function. Students focus on learning, teachers focus on teaching. Robust fixtures from vandal-resistant and touch-free outdoor hydration to school laboratory and accessible amenities.

Enware supports changing behaviour

Enware understands the way students consume water at school is changing.

From generations of Aussie kids drinking from Enware bubblers, we are now supporting the shift to reusable water bottles, by introducing bottle fillers and hygienic touch-free bubbler options and outdoor hand washing facilities.

Our kids are our future

Providing the safest environment for them to learn in is paramount.

Our products are tested and approved to Australian Standards.

Including AS4032.1 for our Australian Made Aquablend range of TMVs for the safe delivery of warm water.

Savings on many levels

Locally designed and built to last, Enware’s flow control technology provides various levels of water and energy savings.

Quality products built to last with serviceable design for a lower ‘whole of life cost’.

Australian made self-closing tapware, bottle fillers and bubblers offer proven performance and reliability, tested in the toughest Australian conditions.

By specifying Enware you can count on durable tapware that helps reduce water usage.

Enware’s spring-action drinking fountain & bubbler range features integral adjustable flow regulators to control the flow and a unique valve design incorporating stainless steel components for an effective, low maintenance mechanism. Locally produced components are replaceable for a longer, vandal-resistant, serviceable life.

Educational facilities cater for large numbers of students in a very short period in a safe and hygienic manner. They also need to cater for a range of needs with dignity and respect these demands are not always achievable within limited space and budget.  Our educational product solutions include components that are AS1428 compliant for wheelchair accessibility and changing rooms solutions for staff and students to be safe and secure within the provided amenities.

It has never been more important to ensure the availability of appropriate hand hygiene measures. Washing your hands with warm soapy water is reported as one of the best measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases within an Educational campus. Enware has a range of tapware that is not only durable and looks great but also allows the user to have less contact with the operating mechanism therefore reducing the risk of contact with communicable diseases.

When you specify Enware’s Laboratory tapware, you benefit from our long experience as a world leading supplier of specialist Air, Water and Gas delivery products. Our range includes products in choice of configurations to provide the user several safe delivery points within a workspace. Available in a wide range of colours and easily identified labels they reduce the chance of accidental misuse and cross contamination. The science laboratories in a secondary school cater for high traffic and are a demanding environment. Our tapware is built to last with robust housing and mechanisms that employ a number of anti-vandal design principles. As the market leading supplier to the Education industry, our customers enjoy our vast catalogue of spare parts to keep staff and students safe while learning.

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