Designed for dignity and independence in the bathroom


The variety of user needs within hospitals, aged care, independent living and for people with disabilities means that many critical considerations are needed when selecting products.


Human ailments are rarely static! Many diseases are degenerative too, so progress in regenerative medicine impacts heavily in this area also. Aging itself also means what is needed today may change tomorrow.

Layer these considerations with our individual strengths and weaknesses, and questions such as:

  •  Will the user be tall or short?
  •  Left or right handed?
  •  Is the user overweight or even obese?

Then consider the room itself:

  •  How much space we have?
  •  How many people will be using the bathroom?
  •  Will a different user be using the room in a month, a year, five years?

Very quickly design choices can become seemingly over complicated, but the counter danger is to attempt to have one size fits all solution, such as with AS1428 for public accessible toilets – whilst it is well researched guideline and has an important place in a general solution it also has limitations given the age of the data referenced.

We are proud to provide a wide range of dedicated adaptable solutions that enhance comfort, safety and dignity in the bathroom and meet various needs for a variety of individual users and types of facilities.

Beyond the physical products in the room there is also the importance of the health of the water system. Be it aged care or a hospital, these facilities can see people when they are at their most vulnerable, many with weak immune systems. The health of the water system is therefore of critical importance. We provide Australia’s leading range of thermostatic and non-thermostatic tapware and showers that help minimise the risk of bacteria in the plumbing system.

Adaptable solutions

Height adjustable Pressalit Plus range includes shower seats and toilet support arms that can be adjusted to suit individual user needs, or to be folded out of the way all removed altogether when not required. This solution provides a high level of flexibility for a facility perhaps even reducing capital outlay. More importantly, functionally it means equipment can be suited to and adjusted to better meet the needs of the user and in many cases the carer.

Our IFO range of basin and toilets is manufactured in Scandinavia to the highest of international standards. They are both aesthetically appealing and fully glazed under and over surfaces for reduced risk of bacteria growth. The IFO range is accredited to Australian Standards and WELs water efficiency ratings. A large range of toilets and basins are available to specifically suit individual needs.

Original toilet suite with folding arms

Our folding support arms provide firm support when sitting, standing or transferring to and from a toilet. The support arm can be folded up when not in use.

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Accessible toilet solutions

Our Carekit range provides complete accessible toilet solutions which comply with AS 1428.1-2009. It eliminates the hassle of ordering separate items from various suppliers and running the risk of non compliance. Each Carekit option includes 4 components - a toilet, a basin, a grab rail and tap to suit individual requirements.

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Health in the water systems

The Effect of Temperature on Legionella


Temperature Range   Effect on Legionella
70-80ºC Disinfection range
66ºC Legionella will die in 2 minutes
60ºC Legionella will die in 32 minutes
55ºC Legionella will die in 5-6 hours
50-55ºC Legionella can survive but will not multiply
20-50ºC Legionella growth range
Below 20ºC Legionella can survive but are dormant



Australian building and plumbing regulations require that the storage and distribution of hot water must be at temperatures sufficiently high enough to prevent microbial growth such as legionella which naturally occurs in the water supply so as to minimize health risks. In Australia, the Plumbing Code of Australia along with State Health Department Guidelines stipulates hot water shall be stored at no less than 60ºC to help prevent the growth of legionella.


The Plumbing Code of Australia requires that safe heated water be delivered to sanitary fixtures at no greater than 50ºC for residential and 45ºC for all at risk applications such as healthcare, accessible bathrooms and so on. However these temperatures whilst safe in terms of scald protection also fall into the optimum temperatures for legionella bacteria to be virulent.

What can we therefore do in system design to minimize this additional risk?

The optimum solution is to minimize warm water dead legs by recirculating full temperature heated water and installing point of use Aquablend SQX™ thermostatic mixers to deliver safe warm water with no dead legs that allow microbial growth.

  • Helps minimises dead-legs in pipework where microbial growth can occur
  • Allows for direct hot water disinfection of plumbing systems and fixture outlet
  • Self-draining design further reduces bacteria growth risk

View the range: Aquablend SQX

Water efficiency

When considering what tapware to use for your application consider who is using it what are their limitations and requirements.

Enware offers a range of types. All tapware is WELS registered with pressure compensating flow control devices integral to providing practical, yet minimal flow rates. We have maintained a variety of star ratings because we believe that low flow rate is not always best.

Particularly with surgeon and nurse dedicated hand wash stations, a slightly higher flow rate, 3 or 4 star can assist with a more thorough wash. Whereas a patient ensuite this is less critical. From a hydraulic perspective greater flow through the system is considered to reduce bacteria build up.

Self closing tapware, whether electronic or mechanical time flow help reduce excess water wastage by providing on demand control. In the same way the WaterWise campaign encouraged us to turn the tap off while cleaning our teeth or shaving. The economic savings from an operations perspective are more visible through the energy costs of heating the water. So by reducing the amount of hot water wasted. Estimates suggest 30% of an average household electricity bill is from the water.

Information systems


Enware also provides the Smart Flow ™ system for providing data or control of water systems. This can be combined with smart metering technology, such as the Diehl Metering solutions for insights into current usage and savings generated through water saving initiatives.

Find out more about Smartflow here: Smartflow

Or Diehl Automatic Water Meter Reading systems: AMR

These are very much customised solutions and we like to work in a collaborative way to meet your facility requirements. Please contact Enware on 1300 ENWARE to speak to a metering and system specialist.

Hygienic no-touch solutions

The Oras range of touch-free tapware solutions combine advanced electronic technology with stylish Scandinavian design.

Reliable, environmentally responsible and user-friendly, making it a perfect solution for demanding health and aged care applications.

Key considerations:

  • Auto-focus infra-red sensing technology with triangulation which provides more consistent, reliable operation
  • User friendliness with Intelligent Activation and After-Flow technology. This the tap starting and stopping during the normal movement when cleaning hands
  • Low power consumption, choose from 12V mains or 6V battery powered options
  • Our electronics have IP67 rated protection against water and humidity. Dirt, grime and condensation can affect sensor performance
  • Choose from single temperature or mixed temperature models where the user can control the temperature

View the range: Oras Touch-Free

Single lever mixers

Mixers are almost a dime a dozen now. The main differentiator on the Oras range of mixes is the metal stem cartridge.

This provides superior strength and durability for the performance of the tap. Many cheap mixers falter with the cartridge and required either expensive replacement and down time. With Oras, there is 30 plus years proven experience. The same cartridge is in basin, sink and shower mixers for easier, cost effective maintenance. Because of the strength of the cartridge if a tap is abused typically it is the handle connection that breaks first rather than the cartridge. There are two benefits to this. One the tap is still usable. The second is a handle is cheaper to replace and does not necessarily require the expense of calling out a plumber. Usually easily handled by maintenance staff.

Enware also provides an anthropologically designed extended lever handle for easier use and control. The longer reach makes it also suitable for AS1428 public accessible toilets and is an option in our Carekit™ range.

Find out more about oras mixers here: Single Lever Mixer

Leva 150mm Series

The proven range of lever tapware covers all application, ensuites, wash stations, staff kitchens, showers, laundry and more.

Two lever lengths, the longer 150mm for nurse wash stations and scrub areas allowing for elbow control.

The shorter 80mm lever is particularly helpful for arthritis sufferers making it easier to use the tapware.

See the range here: Lever Action

With Enware you can be confident that you have the ongoing support for a longer product life, better performance and reduced operating costs.


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