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LEEC Mortuary and Funeral Directors Equipment

Enware are proud to distribute the LEEC range of Funeral and Mortuary products in Australasia.

With nearly 60 years of experience, LEEC provides a unique range of mortuary products, designed specifically for Funeral Directors and Mortuaries. A vast majority incorporate the ‘Body Handling’ concept which was originated by LEEC some 40 years ago.

The unique LEEC Body Handling System offers a practical route to eliminate arduous physical effort, repeated body handling, the significant risk of infection, and hazardous practices within the mortuary.

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The Enware/LEEC team can offer design advice to ensure an effective solution, thus eliminating many of the pitfalls which can occur and most importantly, making best use of the available space. Many new projects and refurbishment initiatives rely on this specialist knowledge, delivering versatile and cost effective equipment, a total supply & install solution and maintenance service.

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Our professional design team cover all aspects of Mortuary design. With many years experience in the design and construction of mortuaries we can offer lay-out and equipment solutions to green field sites. As well we can overlay our own mortuary equipment onto architectural drawings supplied, making best use of available space. Our bespoke equipment is designed to fit specific sites and requirements ensuring the Mortuary delivers best practice performance and efficiency.


Trolleys and tray transfer

With an increased awareness of labour efficiency and manual handling risk, LEEC have specifically designed all trolleys to cater for single operator transportation. With substantial construction, LEEC trolleys are designed to give many years fault free service to avoid any down time which is critical when running a busy mortuary.


Autopsy systems

A stainless steel downdraft autopsy station incorporating a full tray transfer system. Easily adapted with many flexible features this unique, patented and bespoke design brings another innovative design to the mortuary, successfully integrating downdraft technology with the LEEC body handling concept.


Dissecting solutions

LEEC have produced a dissecting bench which is both easy to use and maintain, compact in design and offers remarkable value. LEEC's dissecting benches are manufactured to the highest standard giving them a proven long service life. Every dissecting bench is built to order and is manufactured to each customer exacting specification.


Anatomy Equipment

LEEC Anatomy Equipment includes dissecting trolleys, rotating anatomy tables, immersion tanks and prosected parts storage equipment all designed with leading technology and manufactured from stainless steel.


Cool room storage

LEEC cold rooms are manufactured using high quality insulated wall and ceiling panels cam-locked together to form a space in which to install a refrigeration system to chill down the room to the required temperature. The rooms are purpose made to fit the space available, and have various types of door options.

Enware's range of tapware, safety and stainless steel products complement LEEC's range providing robust, reliable and fit for purpose solutions that will deliver performance, and whole of life cost benefits.


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