• Oras Hygienic no-touch tapware

    Oras hygienic no-touch tapware

Hygienic no-touch tapware in food handling


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No-touch tapware helps deliver the highest levels of hygiene, functionality and comfort to their users. The automatic shut-off, electronically actuated tapware is recognised for water savings and hand cross infection control in non-domestic facilities.

Enterprises that are more OH&S and food standard aware, including larger restaurants, supermarket chains and food franchises, have recognised the extra benefits of hands-free operation from a hygiene as well as a water-saving perspective.

The range of hands-free tapware from Enware-Oras combines sophisticated engineering with fine Nordic design to deliver what the company believes are the most advanced electronic taps in the Australian market.

Features include:

• auto-focus beam incorporating Enware-Oras triangulation technology for a more reliable operation and less interference from nearby reflective surfaces
• additional user friendliness from the incorporation of Intelligent Activation Technology
• proven reliable infrared sensor and solenoid operation
• optional temperature adjustment lever

The temperature of the water mix is adjusted simply by rotating the knob on the side of the tap, turning it towards the front of the basin for a colder mix and vice versa. Single temperature models are available for pre-mixed warm or cold water installations.

The range is WaterMark approved, with an impressive 6 Star WELS rating for water efficiency. The internals are IP67 rated for water and humidity protection of electrical components, while the range has dual fixing points for extra strength in public washrooms. There are mains or battery-powered options.



Cubista: a designer model, for luxury hotels, bars, and restaurants. view product

Vega: an easy-clean robust design. view product

Viva: a single-temperature model. view product

Wall mounted Vega Gooseneck. view product

Basic Projecta model. view product

Enware-Oras is supported by our national service resources, ensuring that parts and technical backup are readily available.

To speak to a product specialist please call 1300 ENWARE (1300 369 273) or email info@enware.com.au

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For more information on our Hygienic No-Touch Range or to speak to one of our specialist
please call 1300 ENWARE (1300 369 273) or email info@enware.com.au


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