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Enware attended the 5th Annual Future and Justice Corrections Summit at Darling Island, Sydney. The theme for 2020 was around “Delivering Better Outcomes for People in Custody through Innovative Design & Rehabilitation Practices”.

One of the big issues facing correctional facility managers in Australia is the number of repeat offenders; New South Wales alone is seeing a worrying increase of inmates approaching record levels in correctional facilities (NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, 2020). Queensland are also seeing record levels of offences occurring, placing more pressure on correctional facilities on finding innovative means of improving the rehabilitation process (, 2020).

With such pressure being placed on correctional facilities and those managers, the Future Justice and Corrections Summit is a meaningful way of finding innovative rehabilitation solutions to reduce recidivism rates. Throughout the summit there was a consortium of 30+ speakers from across the world discussing topics ranging from designing therapeutic & restorative correctional facilities to solutions for youth justice. This is to provide healthy discussion of how might correctional facility managers reduce recidivism rates not only in Australia, but globally as well.

As a sponsor, Enware demonstrated their contribution to the cause with their Custodian® range. Its purpose is to improve the rehabilitation process by humanising the correctional facility experience for inmates.

The Custodian® range is designed to provide a homely feel for prisoners; this is to improve the transition from the correctional facilities into mainstream society as part of the World Health Organisations’ Health in Prisons project. The concept of “Health in Prisons” is to ensure that all inhabitants have access to basic human rights and suitable health, while ensuring that ensuring that correctional facilities are a part of society as well.

By combining the Custodian® range and providing a much homely feel to correctional facilities (such as the image above) prisoners can feel like they are a part of society and maintain their humanity as part of the rehabilitation process. Correctional facility managers will be pleased to know that each product has been tested and meet correctional safety design guidelines for ware and tear. For the technical savvy, the product range has been designed in compliance with the following:

AS/NZS 4020: 2005 – materials in contact with drinking water

AS 4032.1: 2005 – Valves for the control of heated water supply temperatures – Part 1: Thermostatic mixing valves

AS 2345: 2006, EN 55014-1: 2006 + A1: 2011/A2: 2011 EMC

EN 62262: 2002 FOR IK 10 CODE

AS 1530.2: 1993 method for tests on building materials, components and structures.

The 5th Annual Future and Justice Corrections Summit is a starting point towards reducing recidivism rates across Australia through the discussion of innovative solutions to an increasing Australian and international problem. Developing products such as Enware’s Custodian® range provides this solution while placing emphasis towards integrating inmates into society rather than segregating them.

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