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Enware is committed to deliver a range of products for the Health Industry which reduces the risk factors created by water to promote a safer and healthier environment for patients and staff. Weather you are a patient, clinician or the facility tradesperson Enware products are designed to be functional and provide an enhanced user experience.

Designed for Health

The Health environment is unique and has specialized requirements. Our connection and understanding of the Health Industry has driven our innovation to create bespoke Health Industry products which meet the needs of the users.   

  • Aquablend Health TMV reduces has been designed to reduce stagnation within the patient ensuite – See more
  • Sequential Lever Surgeon Mixer has been designed to be easier to use with greater temperature control – See more
  • Profilo is an adaptable  system that can be tailored to the patients’ specific needs – See more.

Patient Centric Design

Alleviating potential risks is the cornerstone of good design to deliver better patient outcomes. Health facility are high risk, high stress environments for both patients and staff. Falls, Scalding, and transmission of water bourne infectious diseases can put patients at risk and deliver adverse outcome. Delivering solutions which are sensitive to the patient experience while keeping them safe can alleviate stress and provide a positive influence on a patients physical and mental wellbeing.

Incorporating the Smart Flow® Water Management System will improve visibility and performance of your water delivery system targeting Temperature and Stagnation to deliver better patient outcomes – See more.

Sustainable Innovations

Health Facilities have design life that far exceeds most other developments and as a result “Total Cost of Life”, being time and money spent installing, operating and maintaining product and systems, is of great importance to the owners and operator of these facilities.

Reduced Operating Costs: The Smart Flow Water Management System is an example of this, reducing operating costs by up to 72% – See more

Improved Installation Time: The Oras 3S fixing system within the Oras Safira Basin Mixer makes installation simple – See more

Reduced Maintenance Costs: The incorporation of a thermal flush without resetting the valve in the Aqua Blend 1500 (TMV), therefore reducing time onsite & service costs – See more.

At a time when a patient is most vulnerable, basic pleasures like a warm shower become critical to the patient’s overall physical and mental wellbeing.
Ensuites are used both independently and with assistance, depending on the patient’s mobility, dexterity and cognitive capabilities during their time of care.
The aim of a patient ensuite, is to create a space that is functional and safe for both patients and carers alike, whilst delivering on the relative clinical requirements.

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Dignity and care of a patient even after they have passed is of paramount importance to the carers and loved ones. Enware is the exclusive Australian agent for LEEC Mortuary Systems, a brand with over 60 years’ experience in this field.  Enware supports the full range by way of sales, installation, commissioning, and ongoing servicing.

Enware understands that for facility operators, optimising space and reducing the need for physical body-handling are key drivers. The exclusive LEEC ranges offered by Enware allows for this care to be conducted in a safe and hygienic manner. The specific design considerations focus on infection control, reduction of handling and cost efficiencies.

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As defined within the Enhealth Guidelines as Type A or Type B handwash stations. Good hand hygiene is the most effective way control many socially transmitted diseases while adherence to the five moments of Hand Hygiene (Link), this being the international standard for hand hygiene and patient care.  Enware’s specific options in clinical hand hygiene tapware include both mechanical and sensor electronic options, with the ESQX as the most advanced surgical tap available incorporating a Point of Use TMV as well as swipe on/off or time flow operation.

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Enware’s range of anti-ligature tapware and fixtures strive to surpass the challenges faced by the design of a mental health ensuite. Often a trade-off between creating a space which is safe for patients and staff while also creating a homelike atmosphere that is tranquil and healing. Tested to withstand the harshest of environments, these ranges include removeable shower hoses, snake eye anti-tamper fitment and anti-concealment basin shrouds.

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Smart Flow® enables health facilities and regions to think more holistically when it comes to managing TMV fleets and related water infrastructure across all areas of the organisation – from single facilities to national networks.

Smart Flow® offers automated reporting, instant alerts, and alarms delivered through the facilities existing BMS infrastructure. Smart Flow® also creates auditable data and compliance reports to guide appropriate system interventions.

The system excels in dealing with:
– Stagnation: Identifying what and when to flush the system to reduce the risk of stagnation
– Temperature: Provides confirmation of valve performance and identifies high temperature events which can indicate the need for TMV maintenance
– Maintenance: Provides confirmation and documentation and completed maintenance practices.

Implementation of Smart Flow® radically improves the risk and compliance posture of the organisation through automated and transparent visibility at much reduced operational costs.  Additionally, Smart Flow® enables the following outcomes:
– Legal Obligations: Reduced likelihood of incidents creating legal liability to both office Bearers and the Organisation.
– Brand Reputation: Reduction of incidents which can negatively impact on both Brand, costly post event mitigation practices or revenue loss due to bed closures.
– Patient Experience: In difficult time the small pleasures in life like a warm shower are paramount to patient physical and mental wellbeing.
– Patient and Staff Welfare: Diminished risks of Scalding and/or the contraction of water borne infectious diseases which can have life-threatening impact on patients, staff, or members of the public.
– Asset Management: Decrease in unplanned maintenance and incident investigation through greater visibility to performance data
– Environmental Impact: Reduction in flushing activity leads to an improvement in sustainable management practices in water management.

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Here are some articles from IHEA’s Spring 2021 edition of Healthcare Facilities magazine:
Obstruction, Stagnation and Fermentation: The ‘Unholy Trinity’ of Healthcare Water Systems
How Real Time Continuous Monitoring of Temperature and Flow Events Presents a Novel Approach to Assist with Water Quality Risk Management (WQRM)

Our knowledgeable engineers, technicians and system architects are excited to explore Smart Flow® solutions for your unique facility needs:

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