Mortuary and Funeral Homes

Mortuary and Funeral Homes

At the end of life it is important to maintain respect and dignity for loved ones. Enware has an innovative range of mortuary products designed specifically for funeral homes, and mortuaries to assist with hygienic storage and scientific examination, sourced from LEEC in the UK. All products incorporate ease of use, manual handling safety and performance with operational cost benefits over time.

Key benefits

Efficiency and Safety

This unique Body Handling System offers a practical route to eliminate arduous physical effort, repeated body handling, the significant risk of infection, and hazardous practices.

Hygiene solutions

Commercial quality solutions including dedicated hygienic hand washing solutions.

OHS solutions

Height adjustability and integrated tray transfer system helps reduce risk of lift and back related injuries. Enware also provides a range of emergency showers and eyewashes where hazardous chemicals are used and stored.

Enables Care and Respect

With nearly 60 years of experience, LEEC provides a unique range of mortuary products, designed specifically for mortuary and funeral home

Customised solutions

All racking and tray systems are bespoke to meet your facility needs. Our experienced team can assist with design considerations right through to installation.

Service and Support

Many new projects and refurbishment initiatives rely on our specialist knowledge, delivering versatile and cost effective equipment, a total supply and install solution and maintenance service.

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