Our success is driven by our philosophy of developing and delivering customised solutions. Throughout the 75 years we have earned the reputation for durable, fit for purpose products that perform in demanding applications.

We have invested in a growing team of more than 190 skilled people to offer unrivalled service and innovation, having trebled our employment in a decade and introducing a string of Australian product firsts. But where did it all begin?

The Early Years

Founded in 1937, the company originally went by the name of FC Gill and Son. They began by making bubblers and laboratory fittings along with a few other low volume fittings such as eye wash fountains, safety deluge showers and ships fittings in the backyard of their Bexley home. In 1975, Bill Gill had moved the premises to Punchbowl and sold the business to Norm Wareham who  renamed it Enware and by 1987 Paul Degnan proudly took over Enware and began his national and international expansion. The company has remained in the Degnan family since.

Expansion allows Enware to think nation-wide

In 1987 the assets of the company were bought, with the intention of creating a nation-wide Enware Australia Pty Ltd. At this stage Enware had 17 staff members and the main focus was on laboratory and hospital equipment and tapware.

By 1988, the business had successfully transitioned into a national company with 25 staff members and had moved to a new facility at Caringbah, the nucleus of the current vastly expanding facility. Always quality and service conscious, we gained ISO 9001 quality accreditation in 1992, which further enhanced our reputation and our commitment to the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

With a reputation for quality, Enware expands its product ranges

Throughout the 1990s and into the modern day, we have steadily expanded our product ranges and introduced new technologies to the Australian market.

Enware does not compete on price as a priority but on providing comprehensive quality solutions, including those strongly oriented to innovation, highest quality standards of production and achieving water and energy efficiency.

Revolutionary products – two highlights of Enware’s history
  1. The Thermostatic Mixing Valve was introduced in 1996, which brought an Australian designed and manufactured range to a marketplace dominated by overseas imports. Enware created the name ‘Aquablend’ which became synonymous with thermostatics in Australia. We now hold over 70% of the market place in terms of high risk applications for specified thermostatic mixing valves. The Smart Flow monitoring system was added in 2000, providing an opportunity to deliver a 24/7 real time monitoring of temperature from thermostatic outlets. The combination of Aquablend and Smart Flow allows Enware to provide a unique level of product service.

  2. The self-contained EM850 relocatable Safety Shower and eyewash incorporates a water storage capacity to operate both the emergency shower and eyewash to AS4775-2007 requirements, and does not need a mains power or plumbing connection, which makes it ideal for remote locations. The shower has been enthusiastically received in both the Australia and the Middle East.
2013 and beyond

While many companies in the industry have moved offshore for lower costs, Enware has committed to keeping core manufacturing skills and technology in Australia. However this has been enhanced by strong international supply partnerships.

Our success is dependent on the success of our customers experience with quality, innovation and service. We seek to provide design driven solutions that enhance safety and performance of the built environment – in our 75th year and beyond.

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