Accessible Drinking Fountains suited for all

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Choosing the right drinking fountain for your project can be challenging - you will need to think about being able to cater for a variety of users and whether you can find the solution in one unit or whether separate units would work best for the variety of  thirsty people in your facility, whether they are adults, children, wheelchair users  or all of the above?

What is a barrier free drinking fountain? A barrier-free drinking fountain projects from the wall at a convenient height to allow a wheelchair to be positioned beneath it, it must also have an easily accessible push button operation.

Enware Australia has an extensive range of barrier-free, wall or floor mounted drinking fountains designed to accommodate both wheelchair and pedestrian access, whilst still being vandal resistant, user friendly and contemporary. Designed especially for use in high traffic areas such as shopping centres, schools, clubs, sporting facilities, gyms, aquatic centres and general public areas.

The product options vary from a sophisticated stainless steel model, with the option of chilled water to a split height bubbler for situations where users are likely to be drinking from different heights, to a more streamlined economical unit.

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