Aquablend™ TMV Cabinet Specification Guide

Introducing our Aquablend™ TMV Cabinet Specification Guide. 

When it comes to choosing a TMV cabinet, we want to help you to select the most suitable solution for your specific requirements. So we have developed an easy three-step selection process. 

Simply choose between our Aquablend™ 1000 for general multipurpose use or Aquablend™ 1500 with Thermal Flush especially for health care applications.

Then, select from the range of pipework and valve configurations based on the specifications in the included table.

Finally, choose the required lid from the options available.We also offer a range of all inclusive stainless steel cabinets with Aquablend™ TMVs.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Click below to download our new Aquablend™ TMV Cabinet Specification Guide.

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