Bubblers – Safe & Easy To Use

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There's nothing wrong with bottled water but there’s also nothing wrong with the water from your school or playground bubbler either - some may say it’s even better because it’s free!

Water that comes from a bubbler is the same water you are filling up your drink bottle from at home! All public water supplies in Australia are all governed by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011.

More than likely the bubbler at your school or local park is an Enware bubbler, which has been designed to be easy to use, vandal resistant and also very difficult for dogs & birds to use! So you can be sure the water supply will be of good quality.

Enware’s spring-action tapware and bubblers have been designed by Enware since 1937. Made to last and designed to save water and reduce ongoing maintenance in challenging environments such as schools and local public areas, with barrier free models also available for wheel chair users.

With a range of options we can find a solution to fit your current and future needs.

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