CASE STUDY: Waverley Public School

Tags:   Blueline , Bubbler

Waverley Public School is a kindergarten to year six public school, located in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, with a current enrolment of approximately 330 students.

The head of after school care had noticed a need for additional bubblers to be installed, due to the increased number of students attending before and after school care.

The school Principal raised concern, that they did not have enough bubblers located near the school care building, and wanted to upgrade the existing stainless steel bubblers and troughs in the playground area of the school. Our collaborative design process involved children participation, observation and feedback to better understand their situational needs which informed the design outcome.

The Blueline™ Bubbler range is designed to help enhance the drinking water experience to encourage children, make healthy choices as well as improve learning outcomes through maintaining suitable hydration at school.
The Blueline™ range is also the first bubbler with integrated bottle fill outlet to ensure good hydration in the classroom as bottles are now commonplace in school.

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