2018 Prisons conference

We are sponsors of the 2018 Prisons conference at the Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne on the 2nd & 3rd of August, 2018.

State governments are currently faced with housing record numbers of inmates as an ever-greater number of people are incarcerated across the country. As the Australian prison population continues to rise, so does the impetus on prison infrastructure and prisoner outcomes.

We will be exhibiting at the event which will focus on the innovative planning and designing of correctional facilities for improved outcomes.

About the Conference:

A key topic for the conference is what can be done across the sector to match the low recidivism rates of other countries around the world. The 2018 Prisons conference promises to provide thought provoking insight into the life cycle of correctional facilities and explore what more can be done to support those incarcerated in them.

The conference looks to explore some of the most pertinent issues facing the corrections systems with the aim of improving conditions, providing functioning facilities, and stemming the incessant growth in prisoner numbers.

  • How are prisons and the corrections system currently performing and where is new regulation and legislation having an impact?
  • What new and innovative techniques are needed to finance, construct, and deliver prisons as promptly as possible?
  • Does modular construction and pop-up prisons offer the golden ticket to delivering urgently required bed space?
  • How does the design of a prison impact those who live, work and visit there? How can the introduction of contemporary technologies assist prison workers and support prisoners to one-day re-enter society?
  • What impact is overcrowding having on prisoner health and wellbeing and how does this impact the potential to increase positive outcome and reduce recidivism?

You can learn more and register for the event here.

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