Enware celebrates 75 years of Australian manufacturing

Hospitality, hygiene and water conservation product company Enware has overcome traditional hurdles to local manufacturing by developing a reputation for quality and innovation in the demanding specialist markets it serves.

Enware Australia Pty Ltd, headquartered at Caringbah, has more than trebled its employment in a decade, building a team of more than 190 people committed to insight and design driven solutions that enhance safety and performance.

“We don’t even try to match the strengths of Asia, which are predominantly bulk production runs for mass markets. Our markets are those where there is a strong design component required, a special relationship with the end user and understanding of their needs – qualities that they just can’t buy off the shelf,” said Enware Australia Executive Chairman, Paul Degnan.

Enware celebrates the 75th anniversary of its founding this year, having grown from its small original premises in Punchbowl to the state-of-the-art plant now located in Caringbah where it has experienced strong and sustained growth since 1988.

The company – which has more than trebled its turnover and investment in Australian manufacturing over the last decade – focuses strongly on plumbing and safety markets with a special emphasis on food and hospitality, hygiene and water conservation products.

“It’s tough out there for any business at the moment, there’s no doubt about that, but Enware has stayed committed to quality, and keeping skills and jobs in Australia,” says Mr Degnan.

A spray rinse gun tested in service by one of the world’s largest food service organizations has been shown to use less than half the hot water per plate washed compared with older designs.

The FS729 Ultra Rinse food service gun is the first product of its type to carry both the WaterMark to AS/NZS 3718 and WELS 6 Star Water Efficiency Rating, the latter of which allows this product to be legally sold and installed in accordance with relevant Federal, State and Territory legislation.

Ultra-rinse is part of Enware's broad range of food service tapware which provides a comprehensive selection of heavy-duty fittings to meet most commercial and institutional kitchen requirements. The superior high velocity spray pattern cleans more efficiently, requiring less water per minute; cleaning faster with less effort.

With a nominal flow rate of four litres a minute, Ultra-Rinse also achieves the internationally respected benchmark of California’s pre-rinse spray valve specifications, introduced to save both water and energy.

This locally designed and manufactured product – designed for export to the world’s toughest markets – sets new standards for new and retrofitted installations in a host of markets, including food, beverage, hospitality and retail as well as club, industrial, commercial, educational and health care canteens and kitchens.

Enware’s Australian-manufactured lever and water-saving self-closing tapware is complemented by extensive ranges of electronically actuated, hands-free tapware for achievement of water savings and prevention of cross infection control in non-domestic facilities.

Enware’s robust market-leading lever shower and basin tapware ranges are designed for optimum hygiene and ergonomic performance in demanding applications. The LEVA 150 and LEVA 80 ranges – offering 150 and 80mm lever lengths – provide modern stylish design with visual cohesion throughout the facility and strong functionality in both bench and wall-mounted tapware.

Hands-free tapware - including particularly electronic types - is becoming the gold standard for public, commercial, hospitality and food service facilities that are trying to deliver the highest levels of hygiene, functionality and comfort to their users.

Leading the move to hands-free tapware are enterprises that are more OH&S and food standard aware, including larger restaurants, supermarket chains and food franchises.
Enware also manufactures a large range of emergency safety shower and eyewash equipment, while distributing some of the products of internationally acknowledged leaders in areas such as hygienic stainless steel washroom and toilet fitouts and well as industry spill containment storage, decontamination and hazchem equipment. Enware is principal distributor of Pressalit Care kitchen and bathroom products for the disability, health care and aged care markets, including food service and hotels and hospitality providers catering for such markets.

Enware Philosophy

Following its philosophy of custom-designed specialist quality products, Enware has pursued a programme of offering class design and engineering, strong response to customer needs, innovative problem solving, efficient delivery and competitive pricing.

“We do not compete on price as a priority but on providing comprehensive quality solutions, including those strongly oriented to innovation, top world standards of production and achieving water and energy efficiency,” says Mr Degnan.

With a strong network throughout Australia and New Zealand and established offices in Singapore, Enware exports to South East Asia, and also operates a base in Dubai to serve rapidly growing markets in India and the Middle East.

Enware Australia is an innovative producer of specialist tapware, water management systems and water technology products for hospitals, schools, laboratories, detention centres, food preparation facilities, hospitality providers, retail facilities, local and government facilities, age care and numerous other applications.

Its conservation, safety and hygiene-oriented products include TMVs (thermostatic mixing valve systems), anti-vandal tapware, bubblers, laboratory tapware, lever tapware, emergency showers and eye/face wash systems and food service tapware designed for hygiene and water conservation. Enware ranges include Smartflow electronic water management systems, hands-free tapware options and health care associated products.

In addition to its modern manufacturing plant in Caringbah, Sydney, it has built an EPA-approved chrome plating plant to maintain its exacting quality standards and extended customer service with branches throughout Australia and also in Singapore and Dubai.

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