Enware Changing Places for Smiling Faces

Did you know that everyday thousands of Australians have to plan their day around which bathrooms they are able to use?

The Changing Places Project is a national program which advocates the creation of fully accessible and appropriate toilet facilities in major public spaces across Australia to meet the needs of people with severe and profound disabilities and their carers. The goal is to provide “safe, hygienic and dignified public toilet facilities for people with severe or profound disabilities”.

Whether you are designing a brand new public bathroom, or are looking to make an existing bathroom meet the Changing places requirements, it is vital that the equipment chosen will install confidence in both the user and carer.

We are proud to be one of Australia’s primary suppliers of Changing Places suitable products. We have consulted with occupational therapists, disabled access specialists & consultants to develop complete solutions for Changing Places facilities. Increased height toilets such as our IFO toilet kit are essential in providing increased stability for the user when going to the toilet while our European designed Renova Plan Asymmetrical Wash Basin and Enware-Oras Vega Basin Mixer are durable yet easy to operate. Other products we offer to provide safe and hygienic public restrooms include adult-sized height adjustable Nursing Benches, Pressalit Care Support Arms and Stainless Steel Shower Seats all designed to make the entire experience easier, whilst still being modern and aesthetically pleasing.

We have been a supporter of the Changing Places Project since its introduction to Australia, providing commercial public amenity products to shopping centres, train stations, airports, hospitals and sport & recreational centres to transition into Changing Places-friendly facilities. We believe that enabling the many Australians who would have been confined to the four walls of their home because of the lack of suitable public toilets to have the opportunity to create new experiences is of the utmost importance.

For more information on our range of Changing Places products, please click here or you can learn more about the Changing Places Program in our whitepaper. 

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