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Growing market awareness of patient deaths caused by Legionella has lead to a strong focus on how effectively water management systems are being run and operated. Fiscal pressures are affecting health organisations business models and there is an increasing need to shift from government funded models towards a consumer-centric one. At Enware we understand through our experience and collaboration with the broader market, the challenges faced in monitoring, controlling and measuring the whole of water delivery system.

What if there was a solution that could use data to make more informed design and operational decisions?
What if you could put the health and safety of your clients before everything else?
No more scald risks, no more Legionella, no more cross infections… no problems.

Enware’s Smart Flow™ Water Management System has the ability to visibly demonstrate the health of your plumbing system beyond the global best-practice benchmark. Ensuring  a positive impact is created on the quality of life for both clients and patients alike.
Smart Flow™ can deliver significant cost savings to a facilities thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) and maintenance operations, when compared to the cost of manual compliance to ‘best practise’ Legionella control. 
The unique tool provides visibility of what is actually going on within the plumbing system allowing facility management to view detailed real time data, allowing informed operational decisions to be made, thus eliminating the guesswork. 

What are the benefits of using Smart Flow™?

  • Minimizes Legionella risks
  • Provides increased visibility & control (no more guessing)
  • Continuously monitors flow usage & temperature
  • Provides real time data
  • Detailed multilevel reporting
  • System diagnostics
  • Water quality risk management
  • Ability to optimize your systems performance to meet needs
  • Automated compliance and reporting documentation
  • Reduced TMV servicing costs by utilising performance data
  • A proven system installed in over 50 hospitals across Australia

So how does Smart Flow actually work?

Smart Flow™ empowers facility management to have full control over the water management system, form beginning to end.  This allows management to identify problems and take the necessary steps to rectify them as quickly as possible, saving time and resources as you get to the root of the problem straight away. This increased visibility & control is attributed the systems ability to provide real time data. Every event is captured in the system as all TMV’s are monitored 24/7, and the information is always accessible. From this Legionella risk factors can be minimised significantly through the management and reporting of dead legs. The Smart Flow™ Water Management System allows you to easily identify no flow/low flow warm water conditions in the water delivery system. Personnel can then ensure adequate auditable flows are delivered throughout the water distribution system and minimise Legionella risk factors due to stagnation.

Monthly reading reports and system alerts are generated regularly from the data available. This makes addressing  Government requirements for monthly temperature readings  a much less demanding task as all TMV temperatures are constantly recorded and accessible temperature profile reports are generated.
The system is designed to be customizable to suit various facility design and operational needs. The ability to be tailor-made to the task at hand can drastically improve efficacy whilst also save on water and other resources.

Smart Flow also provides detailed multilevel reporting, a unique way to easily scan over your system's performance.

Lastly, scheduled maintenance reports allow facility management teams to be better planned. These reports help to ensure that flushing regimes are focused on areas that need to be flushed, while they will also highlight any valve that has not experienced suitable flow per calendar day each month.

At Enware we are all about ‘Water that works for Life’ the delivery of a safe and healthy water system can influence facility designs and operations that will simultaneously drive productivity efficiencies, better health outcomes and a better future in the health and aged care industry.

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