New Enware Smart Meter Bracket

New Meter Bracket

With the increase of meters and radio devices going into Multi-Level Sub Metering (MLIM) across Sydney, Enware together with our suppliers have redesigned the DN20 Meter Bracket to better suit the growing market needs and environmental variables.

The new polymer reinforced plastic base plate, designed to withstand the test of time while also enabling optimum radio transfer from the meter into the surrounding environment.

Existing metal plate brackets can reflect radio signals causing issues for system design and installations in the field. Depending on the installation case, polymer brackets can reduce network costs overall.

The new polymer design offers enhanced signal strength over existing metal plate brackets. It is also safer for the installing plumber, reducing sharp edges.

The new bracket has the same dimensions as previous metal brackets. All fittings are made of brass and are compliant to Australian Standards and Sydney Water ball joint connection requirements.

Click here to see new EHM115 meter bracket! Or you can discover how having the ability to quickly, effortlessly and accurately collect meter readings can keep your customers happy and save you work in our Smart Mobile Metering Solutions brochure.
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