Enware Wellbeing™ range awarded a Good Design® Selection for 2017

50 years on, the Australian Good Design Awards (formerly Australian International Design Awards) continues its proud tradition of distinguishing excellence in design. Recognised as one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, it is a significant honour to have Enware’s Wellbeing™ range awarded a Good Design® Selection for 2017 in the product design category of Hardware and Building.

Designed specifically for aging users, the Wellbeing™ range is Intuitive and familiar in functionality. Ensuring ease of use through combining, ergonomic principles, tactile materials, contrasting colours and bold geometric shapes to optimize user comfort, strength and capabilities.  It was these key design features that impressed the Good Design Australia Jury Panel stating “The Jury applauds the designers for developing a product range that addresses the needs of our growing aging population. This is a very well resolved product that is intuitive to use and highly functional for the intended market.”

The Good Design® Selection nominates Enware’s Wellbeing™ range for further accolades including Best in Category, Best Overall, and the coveted Good Design Award of the Year.

Enware’s Wellbeing™ range will be on display at the Good Design Showcase Exhibition in the heart of Vivid Sydney, launching on June 8th 2017. For more information about Enware’s Wellbeing™ range, please call 1300 369 273 or visit http://www.enware.com.au/news/wellbeing.

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