Enware wins landmark first accredited meter supplier for Sydney Water multi-level building metering

Compact and robust Enware metering technology offering data integrity and reliability

Enware Australia has signed a landmark agreement with Sydney Water Corporation that recognises Enware as the first approved and accredited meter supplier for the corporation’s new Multi-Level Individual Metering (MLIM) policy, effective from September this year.

The contract means that Enware is approved to supply developers with its outstandingly accurate, reliable, user-friendly and cost-efficient ultrasonic electronic metering systems for every new multi-level strata building including apartments in the Sydney Water region,including Greater Metropolitan Sydney, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains.

Sydney Water – which has more than 1.5 million customers – selected the technology to provide outstanding levels of data integrity and system reliability compared with conventional technologies, including reed switches or mechanical pulse technology, thus avoiding discrepancies between the volume recorded on the meter and the volume recorded through the data collection system. The Enware system also employs wireless communication between the meter and the RDC data logger, enhancing reliability and data integrity.

Such data integrity is critical to utilities wanting to use Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) technology for billing purposes, says Enware, an Australian-owned company celebrating 75 years service to government and private industry customers throughout the architectural, building, construction, plumbing, water conservation, safety, education, food service and health industries.

The contract with Sydney Water – one of Australia’s largest water authorities – is a landmark development for Enware and a step into the future for AMI technologies. Such technologies are the way of the future not only for government authorities but also for individual owners and developers of residential, commercial retail, industrial, health, education and infrastructure projects, including green star developments.

Internationally proven AMI/AMR technology not only provides the true and accurate data necessary for correct billing, but also avoids the issues associated with untrue data, which will skew any plans for future development of infrastructure and consumption trends. Mechanical pulse switches are very easily tampered with, either by disconnection, poor connections, or magnetic field, which can cause the meter not to pulse and therefore record inaccurate water consumption.

Wireless communication

The use of wireless communication in the Enware system overcomes any reliability issues in hard-wired systems arising from cables being damaged, disconnected or having poor connections.

Enware’s system overcomes all these issues by using a fully integrated meter with no external add-on components, providing secure and reliable connection between the logger and the meter by radio.

Further, the Enware technology has no repeater systems, making it simpler and requiring less service. Enware’s metering systems also provide leak detection and reverse flow counting, which assists in dealing with water theft and meter tampering.

The Enware system also provides 16-year meter life and revenue protection resulting from the whole-of-life accuracy achieved by ultrasonic measuring technology.

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